Curly Fu

Curly Fu… and the search for Fame

Coming to Kickstarter in Q3 2019!

A game by Gérard Pierson with artwork from Jason De Ocampo.

for 2-4 players / ages 8 and above / 20-30 minutes

Game Story

Ever since Curly Fu’s legendary assistant Peanut left, she is looking for a worthy successor. Four detectives get the unusual opportunity to compete for her recognition, each of them hoping to become Curly Fu’s next deputy. Cliffden House has fallen prey to a fire! Your objective is to search the rooms of the old mansion for clues, scattered around the hallways. To do so, you will in turn need to use the power of the old parchments, outsmart your opponents by using secret passages, and lure them into rooms without an (easy) exit. As fame can be lost and found in more than one way, only the detective with the most fame at the end of the search will be declared winner of the game and step into Peanuts’ footprints.

Selected Artwork

Curly Curly Luan Peter Ruby Blaze