Curly Fu

A game by Gérard Pierson with artwork from Jason De Ocampo / Ben Bachau / Erel Maatita.

for 2-4 players / ages 8 and above / 20-30 minutes

1 Game - 4 Themes - Your choice!

This is not just one game. It is acutally 4 Games! All games are exactly the same, and have exactly the same rules. But they have completely different artwork, done by different artists. So they look and feel completely different!

All 4 themes at a glance

Curly Fu… and the search for Fame


Ever since Curly Fu’s legendary assistant Peanut left, she is looking for a worthy successor. Four detectives get the unusual opportunity to compete for her recognition, each of them hoping to become Curly Fu’s next deputy. Cliffden House has fallen prey to a fire!

Your objective is to search the rooms of the old mansion for clues, scattered around the hallways. To do so, you will in turn need to use the power of the old parchments, outsmart your opponents by using secret passages, and lure them into rooms without an (easy) exit. As fame can be lost and found in more than one way, only the detective with the most fame at the end of the search will be declared winner of the game and step into Peanuts’ footprints.

Dark Matter… and the search for light

Dark Matter

Very little is known since the aftermath of a plane crash, which leaves the 4 surviving passengers on what seems to be an uninhabited island. Their survival is threatened by a mysterious force that rules an old greenhouse, and that the island’s malevolent inhabitants simply call the Dark Matter.

Follows the growing conflict between the survivors and the clash between faith and science. While resolving old mysteries and posing new ones the 4 that go only by the color of their clothes are forced to find the few remaining light sources that are left. Otherwise an unknown catastrophic event will occur.

Urashima… and the search for happyness


The story of Urashima, is about a fisherman who rescues a turtle and is rewarded with a visit under the sea to the kingdom of God Ebisu. On his return Urashima, a good and wise person, gives his servant Hikoboshi the box that he received from Ebisu. He instructs Hikoboshi never to open it, otherwise all happiness will be lost.

Orihime, the fisherman’s younger daughter is secretly in love with Hikoboshi. Independent and fierce, she feels more attracted to adventure than a quiet life by the sea and tries to convince Hikoboshi to leave with her. Hikoboshi being respectful of the old traditions is convinced that he must buy Orihime’s freedom from her father, so he eventually opens the box hoping to find a bride’s token in it, worthy of his love for her.

Urashima, being well aware of his daughter’s secret love affair, however was actually testing Hikoboshi’s obedience, rather than his wealth, in order to determine if he was worthy of Orihime. He simply wanted to avoid her becoming a Geisha like her older sister Uki, who had chosen that path in order to support her family since her mother died. Something her father had never approved of.

Now that Hikoboshi had opened the box, all happiness was indeed lost, and left them no choice but to go find another turtle that would once more show them the way to Ebisu and happiness.

Spellbreaker… and the search for Power Stones


When they were only children, the King kept telling his two daughters Snow Blanche and Rose Rouge the story about a mythical machine called Spellbreak, that lies buried away in the depths of the Golem Caves. “Nobody has seen it in motion since the great battle of Dwarves against the Golems since the only power source to operate it was destroyed during that same battle.” The King used to mysteriously lower his voice before going on: “My father told me, and his father before him, that hidden away from all Mankind, Dwarves and Golems, deep below this very castle, lie blue Power Stones holding such energy that the machine could in fact be operated again, and that he who controls the machine controls all magic and can break any magic spell ever cast.”

Many years later, after losing his first wife Isabella to an unknown sickness, the King decided to marry Queen Andoria. It was not long before he too fell sick and the doctors were helpless again. That was when Snow Blanche and Rose Rouge discovered it was all Queen Andoria’s doing! The only help they could think of now, was finding the Power Stones and activate the ancient machine one more time in order to break Andoria’s spell before it was too late.

What the sisters ignored was, that their search for the Power Stones did not stay unnoticed by the Dwarf King who saw a unique opportunity to seize the kingdom, which again led the Stone Golems to send their strongest warrior, in order to get a hold of the Power Stones before the Dwarf King could. The question now being: who will become the next Spellbreaker and ruler of the kingdom?

How does the game work?


You can download the Curly Fu Rulebook for details. The other games have exactly the same rules, but very different artwork.